Uber Drivers Get Traffic And Map Datas From Tomtom

Tomtom is a Dutch company well known for its mapping service will be joining Uber, a ride sharing company, for helping its drivers with accurate mapping and traffic data.

This technology helps Uber to get the exact details about arrival time, gain better navigation experience and have an efficient journey. Drivers using tomtom in their Uber app will be getting a great experience throughout their ride.

This helps the Uber drivers to go with exact routes for a particular location and know about the e traffic in a location, so that they can start to the point according to the traffic condition. This helps them reach a particular location in exact time.

Uber is already provided with carpooling facility in some cities, which enable the passengers to pick up passengers, pointing to the same location.

Uber decided to take this deal as some people are getting more focused on its other ride sharing rivals.

Uber provides its customers with a facility to get a taxi with a single swipe in their smartphones, instead of booking for a taxi or waiting in the roadside.

Tomtom is already working with Apple on its house-mapping app since 2012, as Apple announced Google maps as the default app for its users.

Tomtom has not disclosed a price for the deal while signing up, but it announced that, it was very much excited to join a company like Uber. This new technology will be implemented in more than 300 cities across the world, including most of the Uber markets.

Uber Australia is a failure in the country

Uber, the ride hailing service is a massive hit in many countries across the globe despite few failed attempts in deals and features that were earlier implemented. Uber Australia does not pay the tax bills because it does not generate the expected market revenue. In other words, the company is basically broke and is literally trying to pick up the pace in the race. However, the Uber service has put up a complaint against the country’s Goods and Service tax GST stating it cannot pay the tax because it is just a startup company. The local services in Australia are discontent with the company’s intentional ignorance on the tax laws.

Uber’s spokesperson has justified its actions by stating Australia should not really be bothered by the issue as long as it is serving its part to the country’s economy. Airbnb earlier faced the same issue but promised the officials it has already paid 37 percent to the tax collectors.

Uber could be the best in the country, but it needs to stay grounded as well. The ride sharing company is making very less profit than expected, and hence finding it difficult to pay the tax bills. It quickly needs to restore its fame and get back on the tack to make record breaking market revenue. Several sources say Uber is intentionally dodging the tax laws and calls it a black market, unregulated ride hailing service that needs to be banned forever from the country.

Uber’s Marketing Strategy

Uber has already established its service in 60 cities with its number of drivers in lakhs but it doesn’t reach its level of profit.

Investment Director Mark Hawtin conveyed that uber needs to achieve around 30 percent in the market of global taxis, in order to prove its current level of valuation. He also added that uber needs to gain profit by increasing its revenue for every ten minutes.

Uber’s investor claims that the company is new the only possible way for Uber to enrich in its business is marketing.

By expanding it’s marketing, the ride hailing company can power up its revenue. The chief executive officer of Uber stated that the company is improving its business in china in order to reach around hundred cities by next year. Investors suspected kalanick’s growth strategy because of the determination of some Uber’s competitors across the world.

Marketing is a hard task as it involves investing in each city to get the profit. It urges them to spend some amount for the drivers and passengers, which includes incentives and some discounts. Open a website like Uber with http://www.dectar.com/taxi-dispatch-software and start your own marketing

Each step Uber takes in order to reach out many investors and maintain its relationship with investor impresses many people. Uber is considered as a survivor in many taxi protests, which give it a chance to get concession from New York officials.

The company tries to find out some revenue channels in the United States to approach the emerging market. Uber is all set to launch its UberEats service and partnership with retails in new cities.

Uber investor slams Amsterdam as it shuts down the service

Uber has always been successful despite many controversies, and it is a potential threat to many local services. The company is not widely accessible in the Dutch city and the ride sharing service UberPop is banned throughout Netherlands. Billionaire Jim Coulter slams the Amsterdam officials for not making the Uber service widely available in the city. However, Amsterdam is finding it difficult to trust Uber’s private drivers simply because of security concerns and the government does not want to disrupt city’s peace. The city officials say the service would anyway continue to operate with its professional drivers.

Uber’s ride sharing service UberPop is the key feature for the record breaking market revenue, but Amsterdam’s severe action has done a serious damage to it. The billionaire Jim Coulter feels the city lags behind in the modern digital era and would regret later for its decision. The loss of UberPop in Amsterdam would definitely affect the company in a drastic way but also ease the pain of local taxi drivers.

Uber operating in many countries has taken down the local taxi services and always been way ahead in the race. The American based company has shined bright with whatever it does despite the worst controversies such as sexual harassments, kidnapping and so on. Most of those controversies are caused by the private drivers, and Amsterdam does not wish to put the city at risks. After all, Prevention is way better than cure!

Uber launches carpool option in Miami

Uber provides a new ecofriendly; safe and reliable option for Miami customers, which gives them a chance to have a pleasant and enthusiastic ride. Riders who like to go with this service can save their money, as Uber claims that it has reduced its cost 25 to 50%.

This scheme, which started in Miami on Nov 19 further extended to Miami Beach and Coral Gables.

Customers who are using Uber app can now able to see the option Uberpool and choose the service by a single tap. By choosing this option, Uber’s software will match them with some other riders who are travelling in the same direction, other than this the software has many other choices. Many customers who require a car tend to choose the same direction at the same time, so that kind of customers finds this software useful.

It gives time limit of two weeks for the local drivers and riders to get adapted to the service before heavy traffic could damage the week of Art Basel in Miami Beach.

Uber also stated that, this service has many advantages as it avoids road blockage, saves customer’s time and money.

Uber brings out some conditions for riders who like to have this service which includes ensuring the riders not to make the car wait for them, switch off the mobile if possible while travelling and restriction of political debates. The user should also check whether if it is the right time to pool.